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The Affiliate Program, available at or url to replace it.

Register, become a member and start making your business profitable.

Because you will receive commissions for each user who visits us through your Affiliate Website, registers, deposits and places a bet, thus becoming an active user.

From we will provide you with the necessary marketing materials and tools so that you can get the best possible return from the affiliate program. In addition, we have a team of experts dedicated to you to help you in everything you need and establish a WIN-WIN relationship for both parties.

Our affiliate network is open to anyone who wishes to promote our brand, whose information must remain up-to-date so as not to misinform the end user and make the promotion more attractive.

Each Affiliate will guarantee that the promotion of will always be made for adults and will not make use of any illegal content. Likewise, each member of the affiliate program must guarantee that the material on its website does not infringe the rights of third parties (trademark, copyright and the like), nor does it promote violence, explicit sex or discrimination (based on race, sex, religion, nationality, physical disability, sexual orientation, etc.).

The only essential requirement to be able to collect your commissions is that you can issue invoices, that is, that you have a company or are registered as a freelancer.

To be part of the Affiliate Program, you must complete and send the form that you will find on this website.

For the record, we will send you an email to notify you if the application has been accepted. In addition, we will ask you for your data and the necessary documentation to formalize a contract with us.

Remember that your commission consists of a percentage of the net earnings of your active users. If your net earnings turn negative or fall below the amount you have already earned, you will not receive payment of commissions until your account is positive again.

The NGR generated by the client will translate into a commission for the Affiliate that will vary depending on the total monthly and annual volume generated by the Affiliate.

Regardless of the volume generated and the commission % associated with it, the Affiliate will receive a commission of 50% of the NGR generated by each client in their first month of life as a user of

This commission is associated with the referred customers, not the affiliate, so that the affiliate can continue to receive this percentage as they refer new customers.

In accordance with a normal game pattern, user accounts will generally show a positive balance for the Operator. However, it could happen that the referred clients turn this balance negative due to the obtaining of profits and, therefore, the Affiliate's balance also becomes negative.

If the NGR turns out to be negative in the settlement period, it will be considered for income purposes and for the corresponding monthly settlement, as zero, accumulating the negative amount, for compensation with the next three (3) future settlements. If the negative amount is not fully compensated in the following three months, the outstanding balance will be assumed by

The amount of one hundred euros (€ 100) is established as the minimum monthly billing and payment amount in favor of the Affiliate. In the event that said amount is not reached, will retain the amount accrued at that time until at the end of the successive calendar months the accumulated amount reaches the minimum billing and payment amount.

Payments to the Affiliate are made solely and exclusively by Bank Wire Transfer, notifying at closing and monthly settlement the amount to be received and the estimated time of receipt of funds.

Alternative methods like Skrill and Neteller are not enabled.

Regarding the payment methods available for customers referred to debit/credit Card, Bizum, Physical ATM, JOKERCASH, paysafecard and Bank transfer.

JOKERCASH is a cash payment system available throughout our face-to-face network of JOKERBET Gaming Rooms. is the first Spanish online bookmaker to offer Bizum payments to its users.

No, due to current legislation, to which is subject, Spanish operators cannot be promoted outside the “.es” domain.

In accordance with Royal Decree 958/2020, of November 3, on commercial communications in the gaming sector, affiliates are not allowed to use betting brands ".es" with brands ".com" or other geographical names other than that of the country of origin within Spanish websites.
NOTE: The information collected on this page is intended to provide the affiliate with answers to frequently asked questions. Its content is merely indicative and, although we advise you to read it, all official and current references are contained in the Terms and Conditions of the contract. The content of this page has no contractual value and may be modified at any time.

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